Klöpfer is Germany’s largest wood wholesaler. The company combines retail expertise with a consistent customer orientation, which is reflected in the brand's strategic concept and all relevant company decisions.

Brand development and visual identity

Tradition meets innovation in the visual identity for the brand portfolio. It represents a vibrant brand with a forward-looking structure designed to ensure top quality. The modular design system allows for the creation of individual logo versions for all Klöpfer locations. The brand portal we designed is the main brand management hub and platform for all brand touch points.

  • Brand & marketing strategy
  • Positioning / identity
  • Purpose & corporate vision
  • Naming / tagline
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Brand portfolio strategy

We worked with Klöpfer to develop an overarching strategic concept for the company and service brand portfolios based on the company’s strengths and customer needs. This resulted in the creation of three brand areas: the »NetzwerkHolz« customer service program, »Klöpfer« retailer brand and »Weltholz« import division. Clearly defined and differentiated, this brand portfolio makes it possible to focus on each specific core business area, tap into growth opportunities and make Klöpfer the leading brand in the wood trade. 

Company tagline

 »Mit Klöpfer klappt’s« (»It works with Klöpfer«) expresses the company’s mindset as a partner to retailers and craftsmen. The slogan serves as a promise and anticipates the customers' perspective.

Image and product brochures

Customer orientation is the main element of Klöpfer’s strategic brand positioning. We consistently translated this mindset into the corporate image and product brochures to support company sales.


The HolzForum reflects the company’s high standards in its concept, design and implementation: Klöpfer is a driving force in the wood trade. A key factor for the company’s success is its close relationship with its customers. Seven exhibition areas spanning 2,200 m2 provide ample space for intensive customer service.


Weltholz is the wood import brand of the Klöpfer group, responsible for supplying specialized dealers with different types of wood from around the world along with valuable marketing tools and information. The logo and name clearly visualize Weltholz’s areas of expertise. The tree trunks in different colors on the stylized globe indicate the diverse range of products as well as the company’s extensive reach.

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Klöpfer Gruppe is Germany’s largest marketers of wood to the trade, construction, industry and retail sectors. The company advises and supplies over 30,000 craftsmen, prefabricated home manufacturers, construction groups, precast plants and wood retailers from 29 locations. Klöpfer Holzhandel is the full-range supplier to the trade and industry, offering a carefully and successfully curated selection of high-quality products. The NetzwerkHolz quality initiative supports professionals in the wood business, helping them improve the value of their work in order to better market themselves.

  • Brand & marketing strategy
  • Positioning / identity
  • Purpose & corporate vision
  • Brand architecture & portfolio
  • Corporate design
  • Digital / UX / UI design
  • Logo design
  • Imagery / illustration / iconography
  • Naming / tagline
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