MLL MunichLeukemia Laboratory

MLL Munich Leukemia Laboratory is one of the world’s leading laboratories in the field of leukemia diagnostics. State-of-the-art technologies and an interdisciplinary team of experts set new standards in diagnostics as the basis for efficient, targeted courses of therapy.

  • Brand & marketing strategy
  • Positioning / identity
  • Corporate design
  • Websites / apps
Brand development

We defined the brand idea, mindset and values based on MLL’s strategy. This provided the basis for the progressive symbol we developed, which visualises the idea of reading the information contained in blood. The new logo unites the symbol and wordmark, making the company name symbolic with MLL’s work.

Company logo
and corporate design

In addition to inspiring the logo, the fundamental brand idea provided the basis for an entire visual language – transforming the MLL brand values of excellence, courage and responsibility into a forward-looking design. Icons, pictograms and infographics play a major role in the new look. They update the layout MLL uses in its many presentations and training sessions. Animation and dynamic information displays put a face on the laboratory’s wide range of services.

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KMS TEAM understood us completely from the very first moment. The result: A programmatic positioning and self-confident visual identity. Our new corporate design conveys what we do, and also has the power to do much more. It effectively reflects our brand identity.

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Torsten Haferlach

Company tagline
and website

»See behind. Go beyond.« The new tagline clearly expresses MLL’s mission: to do the extraordinary, push boundaries and take responsibility. This was also the starting point for the lab’s new digital identity. With all of the digitalisation, technology and science, it’s important to remember: behind every sample is a person. The website content is authentic, natural, personal and approachable. MLL’s diagnostic expertise is presented in animated illustrations, for example, which lend an emotional element without ever distracting from what really matters.

The precision involved in diagnostics is reflected throughout the website and its focus on the essentials: Scientists, doctors and affected parties can find what they need quickly and easily. The simplified, intuitive structure is underscored by the bright, high-contrast design.

MLL Munich Leukemia Laboratory

The company’s strong quality and consistent forward-looking approach has earned the company an excellent international reputation in just a few years. The company works with 900 devices and 620 standard operating procedures (SOP) at its Munich location to provide quick, comprehensive findings. MLL also cooperates closely with prominent industrial partners around the globe.

Meet the team
  • Kms team lucie groff 02 4 3

    Lucie Groff

    Account Director

  • Kms team robert boersting 01 4 3

    Robert Börsting

    Head of Design

Services and results
  • A clear positioning and identity clearly set MLL apart from the rest of its industry, establishing it as an attractive, innovative company.
  • MLL’s distinctive logo and unique, modern design concept conveys the brand’s ingenuity and special pioneering spirit.
  • The vision we created provided guidance for employees, talents, customers and investors. It helps the company continue to assert its industry leadership in a very volatile market.
  • The newly designed website, UX and UI design are very user-friendly and distinctive, helping to promote a strong, independent identity for the company. The consistent typography and imagery streamline and optimise several points of contact with the customer, allowing MLL to provide a better overview and deliver information more quickly across all touch points.