Berliner Type:
Gold for typeface design

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12/07/2022 Our corporate font for the newly founded football talent agency ROOF (Representatives of Outstanding Footballers) won the special award for typeface development at Berliner Type.

The ROOF design system creates space – just like intelligent positional play on the pitch – and is symbolic of the opening-up of new perspectives for players’ careers and lives.

The typography is also highly flexible. We created a monospaced variable font that’s visually connected to the logotype and stylistically mirrors the use of names and numbers on the backs of jerseys. It follows two simple rules: only use the angles 90°/45° (full-time and half-time), and the glyphs must not leave the pitch.

The panel of judges chosen for Berliner Type represents a wide range of different perspectives and disciplines. Judges come from the worlds of marketing, creation and realisation – from agencies, clients, universities, media and printing companies.