5/28/2024 We would like to thank the great team at Bielefeld Uni­versity of Applied Sciences, De­part­ment of Design and Prof. Robert Paulmann for CXI 2024! Diverse and in­spiring presen­ta­tions, a fan­tastic audience and the Rudolf-Oetker-Halle as a new loca­tion make CXI Europe's largest cor­po­rate and brand identity con­ference for good reason.

Together with our colleagues from ZEISS Wendy Fox, Head of Digital Design System, and Michael Hausner, Design Lead Beyond for Online, we pro­vided insights into digital brand manage­ment at ZEISS in our talk.

After all, this is the central question for many com­panies: Which tools and orga­nisa­tional frame­works do they need to create to enable their product and online teams to work to­gether to master the com­plexi­ty of digital touchpoints?

Bilder: Saxuro, René Weinitschke

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