Learn from Miele

A new brand experience

5/6/2024 We are looking for­ward to seeing you at our master­class »Learn from Miele: a new Brand Ex­perience« in colla­bora­tion with Papirfly and Miele at the OMR on May 8th from 2:30-4:00 p.m.

Like many com­panies today, Miele is faced with the challenge of credibly de­veloping new business models and new cus­tomer ex­periences as part of the digital trans­for­mation and sus­tain­able busi­ness practices – and trans­ferring the success­ful concepts of a tradi­tional premium brand from the past into the future.

How does the world's leading provider of premium domestic appliances achieve this? The answer seems as simple as it is complex when you realize the multi­tude of products, markets, channels and customer needs: every cus­tomer ex­perience must become a con­tem­porary brand experience.

In this master­class, you will learn how Miele achieves this and how you can imple­ment it with your brand:

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