Introducing: Gullivr!

8/17/2021 Imagine the mobility app of the future. What does it look like? And what do customers expect of their mobility service provider? With these questions in mind, KMS TEAM worked closely with the app development and management teams at MENTZ to develop the new white label app Gullivr: a solution that makes modern mobility both easy and fun. The name Gullivr also comes from the strategy and design agency.

MENTZ is a leading provider of multi-modal mobility information and sales systems, working with transport associations on all five continents. The company introduces Gullivr as a solution that unifies a wide range of different mobility services in one app. »Modern, networked mobility offerings only work if they provide value to the user. With Gullivr, we take the step from schedule information to mobility as a service, planning, booking and payment«, Christoph Mentz, MENTZ Managing Director, explains.

Design plays a major role in the mobility industry – and not just to set companies apart from their competitors. App users expect that everything will be easy to find, and that the app will be fun to use.

Günther Gruber

In addition to the classic features like route planning, incident reporting as well as ticket and profile management, the Munich-based designers came up with other helpful services like weather-based route planning and the creation of personalised mobility profiles based on kilometres travelled and CO₂ emissions prevented. »In addition to the strong conceptual approach, our focus was on creating a streamlined navigation structure, user-focused functionalities and a certain amount of gamification«, says Louis Huber, Digital Designer KMS TEAM.

Gullivr is based on the Mentz corporate design but can be adapted to the corporate identity of each transportation company. Robert Börsting, Design Director KMS TEAM, elaborates further: »Connections are the idea behind the entire Mentz visual identity – from the logo and unique logo type to the tiniest detail of UX design. Gullivr shows how flexible a design system truly can be.«

The name, design and functionalities of the app were very well received in the initial sales pitches, and Mentz anticipates the first customer approvals this year.