Our »Power of Gestaltung«

6/30/2022 At MCBW 2022, we explored the ques­tion of how desi­gners imagine changes in our digi­talised society in a series of 14 keynote speeches on various design topics.

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»The Power of Design« is our approach to holistic design. It encom­passes more than just how we visualise or manage processes – it also includes our everyday lives, our sur­roundings and our inter­actions with others.

We believe that it’s our job to turn bold pro­posals into reality and inspire people through every­thing we do. This is how we set our­selves apart from the com­pe­tition while making our contri­bution to a more sustain­able planet.

It was a lively evening full of interesting, wide‑ranging topics:

Hendrik Weber:
Power of Design is obses­sive. Typography for ROOF.

Sigrid Albrecht:
Power of Design is reliable. Are ethics a dilemma for UX design?

Wolfram Kornemann:
Power of Design is intuition. Why your gut feeling is actually your brain at work.

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Lilith Suppmann: 
Power of Design is mindset. Posters against war.

Denis Speh: 
Power of Design is remote – and here to stay. New work, new tools, new design?

Marina Becker: 
Power of Design is making your daily life an inspi­ration. Tages­spiegel – doing news differently.

Michael Pfeiffer-Belli und Anthony Underhill: 
Power of Design is written. The comple­mentary relation­ship between text and design.

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Louis Huber:
Power of Design is playful. Testing site: football table.

Alexander Geh:
The Power of Design is the courage to decide differently. What happens when someone needs to decide on the best idea.

Milena Mayer:
Power of Design needs recreation. Week­ender – a rectan­gular play­ground for designers.

Isabella Tomasini:
Power of Design is next door. The magic of Oktoberfest at KMS TEAM.

Florian Pfeufer:
Power of Design might no longer be human made. »Cout = »R,T, E« (Cin)«

Robert Meinolf Börsting:
Power of Design is childish. Sought and found: Lisa’s Rewe pitch.

Helena Betsch:
Power of Design is a manifesto. This I believe.