Slicing the jumbo

5/3/2022 The new Condor corporate design is polarising the industry. We love it. Our Design Director Jürgen Adolph explains why in the Horizont magazine’s expert check:

»Designing an airplane to make it clearly recognisable in the sky is a fantastic thing. It boosts our egos as designers and makes the brand happier than ever. Condor’s former tagline was »The Holiday Airline«. The design suits this tagline even better than the inevitable passion. The idea of pattern recognition has been taken literally to attract the greatest possible attention.

Is it possible to do a branding job too well, and the result turns out to be overpowering? Would people feel unsafe because the airplane doesn’t look serious enough? Is the idea too trite? Will the plane fly slower because the stripes aren’t horizontal? Do they use too much colour? After years of aesthetic decline, Condor will benefit from this design. Once again, people will perceive them as a distinctive, unique brand – and get excited when they see them.

More than ever, I think that they truly are »The Holiday Airline«. For the design, I skip every other star like the striped pattern and give them three stars. Actually, never mind, it’s a really great idea. I give them five stars.«

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