Once a specialist in testing methods, biotech player Evotec evolved to become an important partner to the pharma­ceutical industry and developed its own ingredient pipeline.

  • Positioning / identity
  • Corporate design
  • Logo design
Logo and visual identity

We developed a logo with two circles of different sizes that nearly touch to represent the company’s potential: It's like a snapshot implying the creation of something new in the moment before its inception.

Corporate design

A major part of Evotec’s development work involves microtiter plates, which feature circular wells that are filled with samples. This provided the basis for the visual language, which creates a flexible, yet con­sis­tent design concept used in all applications – from diagrams to the perforated cover.

Annual reports

We also conveyed Evotec's strategic transformation in the company’s annual reports over the years. The challenge involved making the company’s actual core competency, namely intellectual achievements in research, tangible for its target audiences. Evotec was able to effectively communicate its strategic development in the framework of its well-established visual identity, which the company has used consistently for over a decade. Today, Evotec is a leader in the biotechnology industry.

Evotec SE

Evotec SE is an international active ingredient research and devel­opment company. Based in Hamburg, Evotec offers integrated solutions in the field of active ingredient research. The company also works on approaches to develop new pharma­ceutical products as part of research alliances as well as devel­opment partner­ships with pharma­ceutical and biotech companies.

  • Positioning / identity
  • Corporate design
  • Logo design
  • Imagery / illustration / iconography
  • Brand & corporate communication
  • Brand communication & campaign
  • Brand portals & documentation