»Better together«

The future of player consulting

8/4/2021 Two become one – this is what international player consulting agencies Arena11 and Spielerrat thought. It kicked off a great vision and merger to form ROOF. Branding is unfamiliar territory in this industry, which is why we came into play as a 360° strategy and design agency.

We worked with our client to come up with the name ROOF – Representatives Of Outstanding Footballers. Whoever wants to truly fulfil this promise needs to be just as »outstanding« as the top players who have chosen to make ROOF their new home.

ROOF News 3

ROOF’s ambition to position itself as an entirely new brand that will change the future made everything clear: ROOF does things differently and pushes boundaries. And this was our goal in developing the new brand. We worked very closely to create a brand strategy, brand name, new design and effective communication in a very short period of time.

The focus of our shared journey was on the idea of »Changing the Game« – a self-image for the new consulting agency that will shape the future by emphasising trust, humanity and empathy in a business otherwise driven by performance and domination.

We followed the call to position the new brand as a »game changer« in the market, proving that there are other ways to do things. Our design system also reflects this attitude: It opens up spaces – like clever positioning on the field – symbolically representing how new perspectives on life and opportunities evolve.

ROOF already represents top international stars like Sadio Mané, Serge Gnabry, Kai Havertz, Marc-André ter Stegen, Naby Keïta and many other national football players. We’re confident that their mindset will continue to bring many other star players into the fold – turning the entire market upside-down.