40 years of KMS TEAM We look back on four decades of formative brand design and moving moments for us.

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The power of corporate fonts

KMS TEAM provides custom typeface solutions, personalised to the smallest detail to fit a brand’s precise needs.

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We help companies, brands and people reach their full potential.

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What growth strategies will make a difference in times of digital trans­formation and climate-neutral business practices? What will shape the identity of your brand in the future? What do employees, customers and new talents find inspiring about companies and brands?

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How does design convey an organisation’s visions and values? Can branding be really simple and still do it all? What makes a brand truly distinctive, yet still appealing over time? How does design add value and contribute to culture?

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How does a brand become an experience? What messages will always reach people, appealing to their expectations and desires? How can you correctly respond to changing patterns of communication in society?

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How can companies ensure that their brands are as consistent, relevant and differentiated as possible? How can you inspire stakeholders to be committed to change? How can strategy and implementation be seamlessly interconnected?

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