We express this strategic direction in a new brand core: »For everyone who still has big plans«. The idea: The clean, streamlined look of the new visual identity reflects the newfound stability that ATOS gives back to its patients. Moving the crossbar in the »A« down frees the letter from its typographical role, making it a stable triangle with a symbolic meaning.

All basic elements are designed in line with the principles of high contrast and simplicity – as well as the color palette, dominated by vibrant green and purple. The logo plays a major role, connecting the imagery and graphics in all communication. The new visual identity is easy to apply to all interactive and digital media.


Involved areas of expertise


  • Corporate design
  • Corporate design guidelines
  • Visual identity
  • Logo development






Corporate Design


since 2017

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Points become a journey. MENTZ, a middle-sized family business, is a leading developer of multimodal mobility systems for public transportation, working with public transport associations around the world in cities like Munich, London and Dubai. The company delivers dynamic information services that support travellers before and after their journey.

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Three become one: Software companies BLStream and SMT Software as well as app agency Kupferwerk have merged to become a new global service provider for the development of digital products. This is where we come into play: We develop the new brand core, »Turning ideas into digital reality«. This is the starting point for the new brand values, corporate design and naming.

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