When visitors enter the entrance foyer, they instinctively look up at a crucible flooded with pulsating light, and “atoms” of melted steel floating in mid-air. 80 chrome-plated steel balls are completely surrounded by a 700 m2 housing filled with LED lights, creating a fascinating and surreal look. The multiple reflections of LED light caused by the surrounding lights themselves as well as the mirrored effect between the balls blurs the boundaries between the actual construction and the media display – for interesting insights into the structure of steel.

»voestalpine Stahlwelt« is a new generation of brand museum in which a minimalistic architectural space is created to showcase the brand and exhibitions.




  • The Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2011
    Silver for »voestalpine Stahlwelt«
  • iF communication design award 2010
    Award for »voestalpine Stahlwelt«
  • red dot communication design award 2010
    Red dot for »voestalpine Stahlwelt«
  • red dot product design award 2010
    Red dot for »voestalpine Stahlwelt«
  • interiors Awards Competition 2010
    Nomination for »voestalpine Stahlwelt«
  • DDC Award 2010
    Silver for »voestalpine Stahlwelt«
  • Cannes Lions / Design Lions 2010
    Shortlist placement for »voestalpine Stahlwelt«
  • ADC New York 2010
    Merit for »voestalpine Stahlwelt«
  • ADC Germany 2010
    Silver for »voestalpine Stahlwelt«
  • ADC Germany 2010
    Award for sound of »voestalpine Stahlwelt«
  • ADAM Award 2010
    Bronze for »voestalpine Stahlwelt«
  • The Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2010
    Nomination »voestalpine Stahlwelt«

Involved areas of expertise


  • Signage
  • Orientation and directional system
  • Spatial communication
  • Exhibition and showroom concept
  • Interior design
  • Museum concept
  • Digital brand experience
  • Interactive installations
  • Multi-touch applications
  • Motion design
  • Media display






Brand museum



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