We developed a visual identity for Galerie Thomas in Munich, which is still a premiere international venue for expressionism and classic modern art today and translated this identity into posters and catalogues over many years. We won our first award for the communication of the “Beuys” exhibition from Type Directors Club, which we celebrated in New York. 



  • Type Directors Club 1991
    Award for catalogue and poster for exhibition »Beuys«

Involved areas of expertise


  • Visual identity
  • Corporate design
  • Logo development
  • Editorial design


Galerie Thomas


Culture & institutions


Corporate design



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Pinakothek museums in Munich

Brand development

Munich’s Pinakothek museums combine to form one of the world’s most significant museum complexes and have considerably increased visitor numbers over the last several years. One important factor is the visual identity. Its streamlined, timeless aesthetic symbolizes open-minded, yet sophisticated and challenging museum work.

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Villa Stuck

Brand development

Built as a »total artwork« at the end of the 19th century, Franz von Stuck’s villa in Munich now houses a museum designed to combine Art Nouveau with contemporary art. The program concept and communication pick up on this constellation and translate von Stuck’s progressive spirit into the modern day.

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