Jewish Museum Director Bernhard Purin explained: »We wanted a website that would allow us to present our museum as a vibrant space in the digital realm, with a wide range of content and offerings for specific target audiences. Today, we have a modern website that our team can effectively fill with new content over the long term.«

The Jewish Museum has established itself as a place for people to meet and encounter history since opening in 2007. The new website focuses on explorative inspiration and detailed information. The headline idea »What’s there… to see?«, »What’s there… to experience?«, »What’s there… that’s new?« speaks directly to people, inviting them to visit the museum. 

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»What is there to see?«

A new website for the Jewish Museum Munich

12/13/2016 | We won the pitch to develop the new website for the Jewish Museum Munich. An important aspect of the project involves reflecting the idea that the museum is more than just a place for collecting, storing and communicating, but also serves as a cultural meeting place. The website is designed to extend the museum into the digital space. The concept gives equal emphasis to explorative inspiration and precise information.

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