This is why imagery is such an essential part of every brand identity. After all, the right picture is what lingers in people’s minds in the end. But what is the »right picture«? There isn’t just one. But the right picture is always one that subconsciously conveys the values and characteristics of an organization or company. This is why the core of every brand needs to be translated into an image tonality that makes this mindset visible and accessible to everyone.

This is exactly what we do. First, we develop a series of overarching principles based on the brand values that are applied to all formative areas of design. We then interpret these for the aspects of imagery. This is a multifaceted phase that requires sensitivity and experience. For example, the value »openness« can be captured visually in a wide variety of ways: Light colors can represent openness as well as bolder ones, large spaces or friendly faces... 

Selecting these thematic and atmospheric constants is not a purely rational process. It’s important to have an intuitive sense of each brand’s specific feel. And this makes sense: The impact that images have is due to subconscious associations, not rational connections. In the next step, we define the individual parameters – the respective degree of formal and thematic components, always with an eye on the big picture and alignment with the brand. Only then do we start looking at the initial applications or creating sample images. 

Our work with Audi is an example of a tonality for imagery designed on the basis of the brand. We totally changed the imagery for the brand’s new visual identity – away from an emphasis on technology and precision, now focusing on personal, natural and »photographic« images. Rather than overstaging the vehicle, the picture shows the role that it plays in each situation. Imagery transforms the Audi brand »from monologue to dialogue« – imagery that speaks directly to target audiences and that is firmly established in their living environments. 

Andreas Zeischegg, Design Director at KMS TEAM

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