In addition to voting, we hosted three workshops on strategy, design and digital jobs respectively. Afterwards, we enjoyed delicious food and great music in our cafeteria. Thanks for joining us - we had a great time! 



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A new understanding of how brands contribute value

04/09/2018 | What makes brands successful today? How is brand management changing in the era of digital revolution? We welcomed guests to our downtown office on March 8, 2018 to explore the answers to these questions at our lab »A New Agenda for Strategic Brand Management« as part of the MCBW. Thanks for joining us!

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A new way of thinking, a new mode of working:

The new Audi corporate design

03/23/2017 | At our »Lead by Branding« event on March 9, 2017, we showed together with Audi, BLACKSPACE and Strichpunkt our new approach to corporate design in the age of digital transformation to around 250 guests.

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»Inside Space«

03/01/2016 | Over 150 guests joined us on a special journey: They experienced how brands fascinate us, and how we bring brands to life as a TEAM.

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»Munich. New York. Beijing. Tokyo.«:

A summary

03/27/2015 | The video documentation to our event »Munich. New York. Beijing. Tokyo«.

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