Wir sind neugierig und entwickeln uns ständig weiter, bei uns ist kein Tag wie der andere. Also – vielleicht brauchen wir schon jetzt genau deine Fähigkeiten und wissen es selbst noch nicht!

Eins ist aber jetzt schon klar: Wenn du gerne in einer offenen und kreativen Atmosphäre arbeitest, deine individuellen Fähigkeiten entwickeln und dabei in einem exzellenten Team Unverwechselbares schaffen möchtest, bist du bei uns genau richtig.

Schicke uns deshalb gerne jederzeit deine Initiativbewerbung, wir freuen uns auf dich. 

And the winner is

07/03/2019 | Time to celebrate: Our work for the MLL Münchner Leukämielabor received the 2019 Corporate Design Award. The aim of the corporate design is to leverage the MLL's claim »See behind. Go beyond« by illustrating their diagnostic and therapeutic approach and make them more easily understandable. The central idea is the visualisation of reading information from blood.

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Zürcher Kantonalbank:

The next generation bank

05/22/2019 | What will the role of the bank be in the future? Financial service provider? Consultant? Or simply a function in the MyGAFA app? In early 2018, we sat down with Zürcher Kantonalbank to think about this question.

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A statement against uniformity:

The new Audi Sport corporate design

04/30/2019 | The automotive industry is facing the most radical transformation in its history - and this is affecting the major brands just as much as their sub-brands. Audi Sport tells stories about intense experiences, moments full of adrenaline, independence and self-determination.

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For stories that pack a punch

KMS TEAM recruits creative duo Michael Pfeiffer-Belli and Anthony Underhill

04/10/2019 | Munich-based strategy and brand consulting firm KMS TEAM is strengthening its range of brand communication services – welcoming two communication experts to the team. Michael Pfeiffer-Belli (48) is taking over as the head of the Communication Team, and Anthony Underhill (45) is the new Copy Director.

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KMS Workout: the results

03/28/2019 | We asked: »What's especially important to you in your future job?« You cast your vote at our KMS Workout event, held on March 14 during MCBW. Flexible working hours was your top consideration by a wide margin, followed by gender equality and team culture in third place.

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