»Make Life a Ride«. The brand promise both inspires and motivates. In its ambition to become the world's most coveted motorcycle brand, the company is aligning its brand management with people, their experiences, and the joy they have when riding their bikes. 

In addition to existing customers, the brand strategy targets new markets and younger audiences with a more emotional brand world while utilizing the opportunities offered by a multi-category brand: BMW Motorrad reaches fans wherever they love to ride, whether on the highway or a dirt road. 

Vera Schnitzlein, Brand Strategy Director KMS TEAM »We worked closely with BMW Motorrad to craft the new positioning: The brand now stands for self-determination and aesthetic clarity. Like the experience of riding a BMW machine, the new brand identity also moves in the space between the emotional and rational. This provides opportunities for people to identify with the brand.«

Jessica Krier, Design Director KMS TEAM: »The new corporate design is full of pure joy and inspiration, and this is what makes the overall brand experience so thrilling for fans. The theme resonates through even the smallest details, like the lines of the letters that curve outwards and the many rounded forms. The strong logo and distinctive typeface give the brand a self-confident look.«

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New Volkswagen - a brand reinvents itself:

KMS TEAM in the Volkswagen Power House

10/22/2019 | Volkswagen is undergoing the most extensive transformation in its history. With its new ID. series, the company is transforming the car into an electric, connected, CO2-free smart device. The technological paradigm switch is fundamentally changing the company's identity: Volkswagen is evolving from an automaker to a provider of sustainable mobility.

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Corporate Design

Our starting point for the new Audi corporate design was to take a truly holistic approach to creating design principles for analogue and digital applications. Our goal was to replace the complex system of CI rules with dynamic principles – allowing the brand to communicate quickly, flexibly and creatively with people across all touch points in the age of digital transformation.

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Corporate Design

ŠKODA has a wide and loyal customer base, whose purchasing decisions are guided by rational reasoning. The brand wants to change this and establish an emotional connection to its customers by strengthening the design at all of the brand’s touchpoints in equal measure. ŠKODA communicates relevant stories and content via digital channels that directly appeal to the target group. In addition to new models with a striking, crystalline design, the most important tool is a new visual identity that translates this message.

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Canyon Bicycles

Strategic positioning and brand management

Canyon Bicycles develops high-quality sport bicycles and sells them to customers exclusively through the internet. Since 2006, the company benefits from a brand identity and strategy that accelerates decision-making as well as product and service innovations.

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