Munich-based branding agency KMS TEAM developed the new brand identity for the joint venture. It is based on the mission statement »Shaping the Future of Mobility Lighting with Seamless Connectivity«, which was condensed down to three design principles that are also characteristics of light: contrast, movement and focus.

Contrast: The symbol featured in the new logo is based on the contrast between light and dark, featuring the stylized initials C and O in black and white. The entire visual identity and imagery is dominated by the interplay of black and white, with bold orange accents. 

Movement: The new corporate design is conceived of as an agile interface – after all, smart lighting solutions adapt to each application and situation. Movement in this context also means that the visual identity thrives on flexible principles instead of rigid rules. 

Focus: Bundled beams of light create a focal point, which is why all of the design elements are aligned with the center. The circular shape of the logo is a »spotlight«, which is reflected in the dot grid. 

Nadine Schian, Head of Communications, Marketing & Brand OSRAM Continental GmbH: »We have big plans: We want to become a major player in the market as quickly as possible. To do this, we need a strong, distinctive brand that clearly communicates our brand values. KMS TEAM created an entirely new brand identity that is far more than the sum of its individual parts.«

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Brand Development, Corporate Design

Robert Börsting, Design Director KMS TEAM on LEDVANCE’s new visual identity: »Our goal was to create a symbol that allows the greatest possible flexibility in design while illustrating the great variety in light. But how do you translate the quality of light into a symbol?«

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Annual reports

Light is OSRAM. The Annual Reports position the company as a leader with a bright future in the growth market of lighting. The cover of the yearbook 2013 glows with a circle of real LED lights. This key visual and its unique technology stand for OSRAM’s groundbreaking innovations. The key visual 2014, a horizontal beam of light interprets the great color variety in the spectrum of visible light and continues the guiding idea.


»Future in the making«:

MAN Diesel & Turbo becomes MAN Energy Solutions

06/26/2018 | Meeting the terms of the Paris Climate Agreement is proving to be one of the major challenges of our century. The ambitious accord aims to achieve a carbon-neutral global economy by the year 2050. A global player in the engineering industry is committed to achieve this goal with a very specific new strategy: MAN Diesel & Turbo is now MAN Energy Solutions. The manufacturer of engines and turbines has become a provider of systems and solutions designed to facilitate the transition to a carbon-neutral world. Sustainable technologies will make up the majority of the company’s sales by 2030.

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Smart solutions for the future

The new visual identity for SGL Carbon

05/29/2018 | Solutions based on composite materials and specialty graphite play an important role in many industries, especially ones working on today’s main issues: mobility, energy and digitization. SGL Carbon is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of carbon-based materials, products and solutions, with extensive knowledge of the material and expertise in its applications.

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Corporate Design

Our starting point for the new Audi corporate design was to take a truly holistic approach to creating design principles for analogue and digital applications. Our goal was to replace the complex system of CI rules with dynamic principles – allowing the brand to communicate quickly, flexibly and creatively with people across all touch points in the age of digital transformation.

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Corporate Design

ŠKODA has a wide and loyal customer base, whose purchasing decisions are guided by rational reasoning. The brand wants to change this and establish an emotional connection to its customers by strengthening the design at all of the brand’s touchpoints in equal measure. ŠKODA communicates relevant stories and content via digital channels that directly appeal to the target group. In addition to new models with a striking, crystalline design, the most important tool is a new visual identity that translates this message.

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Corporate Design

One of the world’s leading independent product and interface design studios gets a new, self-confident corporate design. We developed a new visual identity in line with the company values logic, morality and magic.

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