Ludovic Gaudé, Chief Executive Officer intive: »Our job for KMS TEAM: We wanted a brand identity that stands out in the software development market. Our new company name »intive« stands for ingenuity, initiative and strong innovation. The semicolon gives our logo an unusual look. As a punctuation mark, it represents cooperation and also makes reference to programming languages.« 

We gave intive a bold, self-confident look that translates the brand values and tagline »Never settle« into graphic design. At the same time, we wanted to establish a strong connection to the digital world and the variable alignment of mobile devices. We achieved this by combining vertical and horizontal elements, strong colors and imagery that playfully combines employee portraits and illustrations.


  • Corporate Design Preis 2017
  • Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2017

Involved areas of expertise


  • Corporate design
  • Logo development
  • Key visual
  • Communication concept
  • Tagline
  • Brand name
  • Imagery






Brand development, naming, corporate design


since 2016

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