»Our idea: We thought about the logo from an animation perspective, and saw light as a pulsing element. Various moments of the animated logo ›frozen‹ in time serve as the key visual, giving the visual identity a diverse and multifaceted look. The result is a design that thrives on contrasts. It can be loud or soft, simple or complex.«

The new company LEDVANCE is an OSRAM carve-out. Since July 2016, LEDVANCE has been responsible for developing and marketing OSRAM’s general lighting portfolio. We developed a global branding system based on the brand core »Advancing Light«. In addition to the product brands OSRAM, LEDVANCE-OSRAM and SYLVANIA, LEDVANCE integrates the three segments of light bulbs, lamps and smart home products – making the brand construct applicable for the various media, markets, retail channels and target audiences. We are supporting all Marketing departments at LEDVANCE during the implementation, serving as the contact for any questions regarding the brand, design and communication for over 40 markets.


  • German Design Award 2017
  • iF Design Award 2017
    Auszeichnung für Corporate Design


  • Market and opinion studies
  • Brand management and consulting
  • Visual identity
  • Brand and design guidelines
  • Corporate design
  • Communication concept
  • Event communication
  • Logo development
  • Company campaign
  • Typesetting
  • Final artwork 2D and 3D
  • Production consulting & management
  • Templates
  • Brand- / help desk
  • Workshop implementation






Brand development, Corporate Design


since 2016

Close details


Annual reports

Light is OSRAM. The Annual Reports position the company as a leader with a bright future in the growth market of lighting. The cover of the yearbook 2013 glows with a circle of real LED lights. This key visual and its unique technology stand for OSRAM’s groundbreaking innovations. The key visual 2014, a horizontal beam of light interprets the great color variety in the spectrum of visible light and continues the guiding idea.


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