Our idea: We are developing the corporate design consistently based on the brand essence »Driven by Inventiveness« and the brand’s rich heritage. These are both the starting point and inspiration for the new look.

Based on the design vocabulary of Czech cubism in design and architecture and the facets of Bohemian glass we develop the DNA crystal. Its design is a symbol for the spirit and core of the ŠKODA brand. The design grid for all corporate design elements is derived from it, from the layout system to typography. The result is an emotional and striking corporate design that ensures the over 120-year-old brand will be ready for the future. 

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Click here for the video of Stefan Büscher, Marketing and Product Director ŠKODA and our Creative Director Patrick Märki at the Brand Talk at Typo Berlin 2017. 



  • Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2017
  • German Design Award 2017

Involved areas of expertise


  • Visual identity
  • Corporate design
  • Corporate design guidelines
  • Imagery
  • Brand book






Corporate Design


since 2016

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Corporate Design

Our starting point for the new Audi corporate design was to take a truly holistic approach to creating design principles for analogue and digital applications. Our goal was to replace the complex system of CI rules with dynamic principles – allowing the brand to communicate quickly, flexibly and creatively with people across all touch points in the age of digital transformation.

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Corporate design and typography

Bentley stands for a breathtaking driving experience, handcrafted luxury and an unmistakable design. The new corporate design and newly developed corporate typeface embody the exclusivity of the brand while enhancing Bentley’s brand profile.

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Corporate design

Porsche has a motorsport division that organizes national and international competitions, but practically no one recognizes the brand in this role. The new corporate design combines a classic racing aesthetic with the charisma of the Porsche brand.

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