The opening credits finish with the “midday light” to announce the start of the first detailed news program of the day. The vertical line in the logo picks up on midday as the first turning point in the day by symbolizing the hour marks of a clock. The new program design includes the on-air logo, opening and closing credits, topic preview and other program elements, such as moving backgrounds and the design of maps and graphics. The production was completed in collaboration with Sunday Digital from Munich and Cologne’s Buero Cremers.

Involved areas of expertise


  • Visual identity
  • Corporate design
  • Key visual
  • Motion design
  • On-air design
  • Infographics and data visualization




Media & telecommunications





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Related projects


Opening campaign

We developed all communication surrounding the opening of the adidas “Performance Centers”, flagship stores in the world’s most important cities. One main priority of this project involved developing communication that could be used in all cultures around the world. 


Saturn consumer electronics


Saturn, a retail chain for consumer electronics, adopted a new strategy to enhance its position among the competition. The updated logo combines continuity and clear regeneration with a modern, timeless symbol immediately recognized by retailers and customers alike.

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Schneider Schreibgeräte

Corporate design

We developed a modern visual identity for Schneider Schreibgeräte that reflects the brand identity while being more relevant to the target audiences. This is why all of the design elements were derived from the world of writing.

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Sky Deutschland

Sky Plus and Sky Go Logo development

Sky+ is an application that Sky subscribers can use to pause, rewind and record ongoing television programs on their HD DVR receivers. Sky Go is a mobile TV offer for smartphones and other mobile devices. We referred to the functionalities of this application when developing the new logos for the sub-brand.

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