We updated and digitized the symbol, enhanced the colors and developed a unique typeface for the brand. The design matrix, or the distinctive grid used in all media, was defined based on the vehicle’s grill. The main design theme for the typography was the characteristic “power line” curve featured in the vehicle design. The new typography was inspired by the widely used British sans-serif Gill, previously used as the corporate typeface – but is more unique. A complete set of upper- and lowercase characters in two versions (Regular and Expanded), each with four typestyles (Heavy, Bold, Regular and Light), was developed on the basis of the Bentley wordmark. The result is a corporate design that brings the quality of the brand to life and reflects its English roots in a striking, contemporary look.



  • red dot communication design award 2014
    Award for Corporate Font

Involved areas of expertise


  • Corporate design
  • Logo development
  • Typography
  • Typeface development
  • Production






Corporate Design and typography



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Related projects

Canyon Bicycles

Corporate design

Canyon Bicycles develops high-quality sport bicycles and sells them to customers exclusively through the internet and catalogues. The ultimate cycling experience is the visual and atmospheric focus of the entire brand world, expressed in the overarching theme and tagline of »Pure Cycling«.

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Deutsche Rentenversicherung

Corporate design

In fall 2005, a reform united the various regional and industry-specific insurance organizations to create Deutsche Rentenversicherung. Today’s consistent and modern brand architecture replaces the confusing variety of earlier years.

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MAN Nutzfahrzeuge

Corporate design

The consistent and updated visual identity of MAN Nutzfahrzeuge creates a modern look. The reduced and precise use of design elements represents a strong, identity-shaping factor in MAN’s various activities and locations.

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O2 Germany

Brand adaptation for Germany

With a suggestive symbolism that compares communication with air to breathe, o2 quickly established itself in Germany’s competitive telecommunications market after its launch in 2002. The company booth at CeBIT, the world’s leading telecommunications trade show, served as the starting point for the entire brand launch in Germany.

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Porsche Design

Brand development

Porsche Design enjoys worldwide success as an independent lifestyle brand. The luxury brand for exclusive technical products draws its design inspiration from the legendary Porsche automobile. Like the car, Porsche Design stands for outstanding design, technical superiority and exclusivity.

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Porsche Motorsport

Corporate design

Porsche has a motorsport division that organizes national and international competitions, but practically no one recognizes the brand in this role. The new corporate design combines a classic racing aesthetic with the charisma of the Porsche brand.

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Stiftung Warentest

Corporate design

Many consumers today consider the Stiftung Warentest seal to be an essential factor in making their purchase decisions. After increasing numbers of competitors tried to capitalize on the success of the original symbol by copying it, we developed a logo for the foundation that could be protected to strengthen and ensure its uniqueness.

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Das Siegel der Universität und das Schriftzeichen »Universität Heidelberg« einschließlich des Claims »Zukunft seit 1386« bilden in Kombination das Logo. Das Siegel der Universität und das Schriftzeichen »Universität Heidelberg« einschließlich des Claims »Zukunft seit 1386« bilden in Kombination das Logo. Das Siegel der Universität und das Schriftzeichen »Universität Heidelberg« einschließlich des Claims »Zukunft seit 1386« bilden in Kombination das Logo.

University of Heidelberg

Corporate design

We developed the brand architecture for the departments at Ruprecht-Karls University of Heidelberg. The solution strengthened the visual connection between the departments under the umbrella of the university while maintaining the individuality of the institutions. The university seal is the primary element.

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