We developed the strategic positioning corridors and the brand identity on the basis of a European opinion survey and personal interviews, and ensured that these were consistent with each other. This gives SPORT 2000 a new foundation to increase its international brand strength. 


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  • Brand and corporate positioning


Sport 2000




Brand identity and portfolio strategy



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Related projects


Brand portfolio strategy

Klöpfer is one of the leading wood dealers for processing craftsmen and bulk buyers. The company follows a consistent customer orientation reflected in the brand’s strategic concept and relevant company decisions.

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Porsche Motorsport

Brand portfolio and partnerships

Porsche Motorsport embodies the Porsche brand unlike any other division. As such, it is the most important brand touch point with the greatest relevance to content and communication. The clear structure developed for the brand simplifies management decisions for motorsport brand partnerships over the long term.

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Brand positioning and portfolio

ThyssenKrupp’s introduced a comprehensive new group strategy in 2010 which necessitated a simultaneous enhancement of the brand profile. Focusing on the umbrella brand allows this diversified industrial group to communicate its many activities in ways that are relevant to their specific target audiences worldwide.

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